Video Interviews

For more than 20 years Puerto Vallarta was fortunate to have Patrick Denoun as a resident artist. Originally from France but more a citizen of the world, Patrick provided us with art that was continually evolving and always fascinating, for Patrick was not one to be complacent and just paint what he knew would sell. He was a man consumed by fresh ideas crying out to be expressed.
The variety of his output over the years was amazing, his art never remained long with one style, he was always experimenting to come up with something new that would transcend where his mind set had been at previously. One season could be full of bright colors of market scenes of Mexico, whereas next year could be of black & white nudes; Patrick was never limited by a lack of ideas of expression.
For Patrick, an exhibition was an opportunity to show the world what he had most recently discovered. He never painted for us, his audience; he painted to release his endless stream of artistic energy. Fortunately for us all, we still have his art to remember him by.
When this series of market scenes in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta were first shown at an exhibition at Galería Pacifico, they nearly sold out in the first day. Now, for the first time, the most popular are available in canvas or color prints.