Patrick Denoun was born in Paris in 1950. From the French Riviera he moved to Mexico 20 years ago to find his paradise on earth. During the years of painting fine art in his studio in the jungle of Puerto Vallarta, Patrick created a number of artworks, from abstract paintings, still life paintings to nude paintings… so wide was his raw talent. Patrick Denoun's reverent interpretations of the "emotional vibrations of natural and simple things" uplift one's spirits. Exalting the basics - animal, children, "people who touch the earth" - speaking lovingly of each piece. Patrick expressed his passions for art, and his life was about as idyllic as it gets. His paintings have been sold in several of the world's top art galleries! Exhibited widely in Europe, North Africa, Mexico and the USA, as well as in India and Asia. His training and experience was unparalleled … As a master of contemporary art, his fine art is displayed in many art collections, fine art galleries and Hollywood celebrities‘ homes as well.