PATRICK DENOUN was born in 1950 in Paris, France. At a young age he became interested in the arts. At 15 years he entered a preparatory academy located in the heart of the”Quartier Latin” of Paris in preparation for the University. In 1967, he was admitted at the famous national superior school BOULLE and he received his degree in wood sculpturing. It was a great epoch of cultural and ideology changes. In 1971, Patrick entered  the National Superior School of Art Deco in Paris. A year later he began to decorate interiors of cinemas and theaters. But soon after he changed his focus exclusively on painting and drawing.

He left Paris and moved to Provence, in Saint-Tropez. During a 10 years period  he continued his career as a painter but also took time to travel the world. In 1985 he put down his luggage on the soil of Mexico, his adoptive country for witch he had much affection without forgetting to take some art inspiration in France.

In 1993, he decided to split the year in 2 seasons, spending the summer in France and the winter in Mexico. His work has been progressing through the years and his success has grown tremendously. In the year 2000, he chose to live only in Puerto Vallarta, because he wanted to raise his new baby twins in Mexico .

Patrick was going to France just to expose or visit his gallery, family and friends. He was painting only at home in his fabulous new studio, named STUDIO LOS CUATES, that he had just finished to build October 2004 in the middle of the jungle, big enough to develop his other passions, photography, sculpture and design . In 2006, he reorganized his Saint Tropez gallery he had for 15 years with his brother. The new gallery became the PATRICK DENOUN GALLERY. In 2007.

BiographyBiographyPatrick died in a motorcycle accident near his Vallarta home on April 8, 2007. His wife, Cathy, and his two children, Max and Sasha, survive him. In this online gallery Cathy Denoun is presenting Patrick’s masterpieces, his legacy, in limited edition fine art lithographs.

Patrick’s reverent interpretations of the “emotional vibrations of natural and simple things” uplift one’s spirits. Exalting the basics – animal, children, “people who touch the earth” – speaking lovingly of each piece. Patrick expressed his passions for art, and his life was about as idyllic as it gets.

His paintings have been sold in several of the world’s top art galleries! Exhibited widely in Europe, North Africa, Mexico and the USA, as well as in India and Asia. His training and experience was unparalleled … As a master of contemporary art, his fine art is displayed in many art collections, fine art galleries and Hollywood celebrities‘ homes as well.

Giclee fine art prints (Canvas) present a quality matching the original painting. They are certified “Museum Quality” and designed to last over a century.

There will be much more to say about Patrick Denoun in the future, both by me and by many others. We will now be forever without his voice and his words, but his paintings, the life work of a true master, will speak for him forever.

1971 – 1977 The Painters of Saint-Tropez, France
Cassis, France
Cannes, France
1977 Collective exposition in the United States
International Art Schow Festival Coconut Groove, Miami Florida
International Art Schow Festival, Tampa, Florida
International Art Schow Festival, Boca Raton, Florida
International Art Show Festival, New-York City (spring and fall show)
Cabildo Gallery, New Orleans
1978 Private exposition, Sydney, Australia
1984 Private exposition, Goa, India
1989 Private exposition, Hotel Sub, Saint-Tropez, France
1994 One night show, Westin Regina Hotel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
1995 Private exposition, Cafe des Artistes, Puerto Vallarta vallarta
1996 Private exposition, Cafe des Artistes, Puerto Vallarta vallarta
1997 Private exposition, Hotel westin Regina for the jazz festival, Puerto Vallarta vallarta
1997 – 2007 Private exposition each year, Galeria Pacifico, Puerto Vallarta
2002 Collective exposition, Galeria Marciano, Paris, France
2014 Galleria Dante Puerto Vallarta

Gallery PATRICK DENOUN, Saint-Tropez, France
Galeria Pacifico, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico